The Future of Sales Tech: 2018 & Beyond
What do you predict for the sales tech space in 2018?
What technologies that have not been embraced in sales right now do you expect will become more widely adopted in 2018?

How do you rank the importance of sales enablement tech to sales teams?

What significant changes do you think enterprise office programs (such as Microsoft, Google) will make to keep up with sales tech?

Microsoft has recently announced a host of new software, device and security options to reach a large majority of their customers in the sales, medical, factory and customer service industries. Similarly, Google recently announced a number of updates to its Slides presentation software, including add-on integrations and several new features.

What types of sales tech and integrations are becoming more attractive (and affordable) for smaller and mid-sized businesses?

There are now many tools businesses can use to make their workforces more efficient and productive, without breaking the bank.

Do you see live chat as a must-have sales tool?

Messaging apps are becoming more popular than traditional social networks. Prospects are likely using Messenger or WhatsApp more frequently than Facebook or Twitter. Salespeople are expected to communicate via messaging, as prospects are increasingly less likely to make a call when they have product or pricing questions.

How do you plan to combine personalized selling with sales tech to maximize your unique value?

While the number of sales automation tools keeps growing, salespeople are still critical. Templates and integrations are crucial for an efficient and effective sales process, but a well-curated tech stack should be balanced with personal touches from sales reps.

Do you think the strategy of selling to the end user will become more prominent in the sales landscape?

Companies like Slack and Trello treat their sales process like they’re B2C rather than B2B, and it’s working. This tactic works from the bottom up by selling to the end user first. Selling to a CMO or CTO becomes dramatically easier when a majority of their team is already active on your platform.

Which middle-of-the-funnel metrics do you expect will provide the most insight into improving your sales process?

Most sales leaders fixate on the top of the funnel in lead quantity and quality, as well as the bottom of the funnel in percentage of deals closed. The middle of the funnel is historically left unexamined, but it’s where most have the chance to make significant improvements. Analyze your middle of the funnel metrics--how many touches it takes to move opportunities from one stage to the next, which stages have the most leaks, and what differentiates prospects who request demos from those who don’t.

Which sales solutions do you plan to add to your tech stack to better streamline your closing process?

If there’s one place in your sales process where both the seller and buyer should be enabled and streamlined, it’s the close. eSignature technology and content management tools are becoming increasingly adept at addressing the broad array of needs to assist in the close within the scope of a single platform.

In the next year, what sales tech investments do you expect your team to make?

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